Tips To Help Relieve Stomach Pain And Bloating


Stomach pain can be one of the most frustrating and worrying things to happen to someone, especially when you don’t know what’s causing it. At that moment in time all you want is for it to stop, and figuring out how to go about doing so can be challenging. Below we will discuss some of the causes of bloating and discomfort and what you can do to alleviate the pain the next time this happens.

Starting with one of the most common methods, (that is also probably the most widely used alternative of supplements or medication), would be a hot bath or shower. Hot baths are great for two reasons — the heat relaxes, (thus relieving bloating, cramps, and that general “ache” feeling you get), and the water provides a sort of gravity-free environment for your stomach to situate in. The one thing that stops it in its tracks is being able to escape the feeling for a little while — save the cramps / nausea that women often get when going through their menstrual cycle every month.

There are a variety of different herbal supplements, capsules, and medication that work as well, although it generally depends on the person sometimes. A lot of people prefer not to take any sort of dietary / nutritional product, but instead want to stick with something a little more natural. In states where it is legal, cannabis is commonly used to relieve bloating & stomach pain. This is because of the way that THC reacts with your stomach and your brain’s ability to recognize hungry vs not hungry. While this may not sound like it directly relates to the above mentioned issues, it really all does tie in together.

Finally, if none of the above work for you, (or you are unable to give them a try), proper breathing exercises & paying attention to the foods you eat can be a more overall way of relieving yourself. Breathing properly can sometimes help make way for gases that are stuck, thus causing discomfort or nausea. Eating the right foods and food groups throughout the day will allow you the luxury of not having to deal with an odd chemical imbalance lingering in your stomach, something that those who consistently eat fast food on a daily basis are more likely to feel. This really applies for any junk food, though.

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